Welcome to Calming Collars

They work, naturally!

The beauty of our products is not only that they work, but that they work using NATURAL methods. You just clip our collars on your pet and let the herbal blends work naturally to calm your pet. Stress relief is just minutes away for your loved one. Reduce dog anxiety and or cat stress!


Our patented Calming Collars are filled with a blend of natural herbs. Our blends were specifically developed to help with certain conditions, like excessive barking, hyper-activity, stress, anxiety and fear due to loud noises, storms and thunder (thunder phobia), separation anxiety and more!


These fabric collars are handcrafted and are filled by hand with our custom blended dried herbs. Your order will be custom made and shipped quickly, usually in less than a week. The plastic buckle allows you to adjust the collars for a perfect fit.


Not sure if a Calming Collar will work on your pet? Give one a try and if you don't notice a more relaxed pet, we'll refund your purchase price.