Too Cool

These collars help dogs prone to over-heating. They are soaked briefly in water and the polymer crystals inside turn into a gel and expand. The gel helps your dog stay cool. They have been very popular with dogs and their owners. This is NOT a Calming Collar.

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These collars are soaked briefly in water and the polymer crystals inside turn into a gel and expand. The gel helps your pet stay cool. They have been very popular with pets and their owners. Please note: these are not made with herbs and will not calm your pet!

Your dog needs to be not just stylish, but comfortable, too! Since dogs can't sweat, the heat can really get to them. But not if their Mom or Dad buys them a Too Cool collar! The center section is filled with non-toxic polymer crystals. These little crystals are pretty amazing. Once soaked in water for about 5 to 10 minutes they expand and turn into a gel that keeps cool for hours. The 100% cotton cover will soon dry, but the gel stays hydrated and COOL for several days. After 4 or 5 days (if you don't re-wet) the gel actually returns to hard crystals again. You can use again and again. You can hand wash with a mild detergent and then air dry.

What makes our product different? Most other cooling ties have just one section of crystals to cool your dog down and when they expand, the collar gets pretty fat. With a Too Cool you get 2 channels of cooling. This allows a Too Cool to lie flat and for your dog, it means a better fitting Too Cool collar. If you'd prefer, we can do the smaller sizes with a single seam or the larger ones with 4 channels. The extra wide version was tested by Lottie of Hurricane Bulldogs. The plastic clasp allows you to adjust the fabric length for a custom fit.

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Seems to help her all day long.

My dog does agility and I use these between her runs. After 30 minutes or so, I flip the Too Cool over and then the cooler side is against her.

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I bought 2 Too Cool Collars and alternate them.

I run one under water after each use and then keep in the refrigerator until the next walk. That way, one is always really cold.

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Too Cools are Cool!

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We keep our house pretty warm in the summer months and worried about our Nellie getting too hot or overheating. I bought her a Too Cool Collar. It works great for both her walks and when she is resting at home. I run it under the faucet every evening and she wears it pretty much every day in the warmer weather. Works great.

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Ordered again!

Just wanted you to know I received the first (Too Cool) collar last week and my dog and I loved it- especially with our 90 degree weather starting up. I ordered a second collar for my older dog as she does better in the heat but these are really a wonderful product and well made. Seems to keep my boy much more comfortable. Thanks so much!

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Cooling Collar success

This past summer I purchased 2 of your collars for my lab Shamus. I attached a picture, I hope you can open it. I feel we had much success with the cooling collar. He has a problem with heat exhaustion. The summers are hard on him unless he is in the lake or in a sprinkler. But when we were walking or playing around the yard, I always put it on him and he even wagged his tail when he see's I am putting it on. You made it extra wide and it stayed substantially cold for a long time. The aromatherapy collar (calming collar) was too warm for him in the summer, but he has been wearing it from the fall on, three or four times a week. I think he enjoys wearing it too. I know my other dogs seem to hang around him and sleep around him when he has it on. We have done some sharing. I know this is a long time coming, but I wanted to thank-you for a great product. I will be ordering more this summer.

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