Frequently asked questions

How do Calming Collars work?

They use aromatherapy. The scent of the herbs we use has been tested for effectiveness on both dogs and cats. We use only dried herbs -- no essential oils or other fillers. The individual blends are listed on each product page. The dog or cat smells our blend of herbs and feels more relaxed.

How do I know what size to order?

We go by a neck measurement. It is best to actually measure your dog or cat's neck. You want a loose, comfortable fit. The "bulkiness" of the herbs will make for a different fit/measure than a normal, flat collar. If in between sizes, it is best to order the bigger size. That will allow for more herbs to be used in the collar. You can always tell us the exact neck size in the comments/instruction box during checkout -- and we will tailor for a near perfect fit!

How do I know what width to order?

Most do fine with the regular 2 rows or channels But watch this video to see the difference between a single row, a 2 row and a 4 row extra wide version. Most cats will do better in a single row.

How long will the herbs last?

That depends on how much they are exposed to the air and dry out. In most cases, if worn 24/7, the herbs will last 3 to 4 months. If only worn a few times per week and stored in a plastic bag when not being worn, the herbs may last a year or more. Just keep in a plastic bag in a dark place when not in use -- like your kitchen herbs. Regular customers that just use them for storms seem to buy a new one each season. You can roll a collar in your hands and crush the herbs to help refresh them and release more of their natural oils.

Will a Calming Collar work for my pet?

Odds are it will help. We have a better than 95% success rate. But they won't help every animal with every situation. If you purchase a product and are not happy with the results, just call or email us within 90 days and your purchase price will be refunded with no hassles or arguments.

What if my dog eats his collar?

Although not recommended, the herbs are not harmful if ingested. Neither are the polymer crystals in the Too Cool Cooling Collar. The herbs are not organic, but they are food grade.

Can my dog or cat wear a Calm Me Down 24/7?

Yes, many of our customers do just that. You should just have a more mellow version of your dog or cat. The herbs will dry out more quickly -- so you may only get 3 to 4 months of use when worn 24/7.

Will these really work on cats, too?

Yes, they will. The challenge is getting a cat that is not used to a collar to wear something around his or her neck! If your cat is okay with it, they will be a more mellow kitty. Most cats do better with the single row width. Our Calming Sachet Sets were developed with cats in mind.

What is the "extra strength" blend?

When first testing blends we came up with a stronger combination of herbs and it made most dogs just fall asleep. The "problem" is it smells a bit funky to most people. We don't show it as on option on the website, but you can requested in the comments/instruction box during check-out. Not for households with sensitive noses.

What is a combination blend?

We can do a collar with a blend of both the Good To Go and the Calm Me Down herbs. This provides both stress relief and helps with motion sickness in one collar. It is a choice on the Good To Go order page.

Can I phone in my order?

Sure, feel free to give us a call 813-920-7550 during "normal" business hours -- in Florida -- Eastern Standard Time. The shopping cart will let you choose your method of payment – PayPal, credit card or check -- and it is more secure than giving us your credit card information over the phone! To process a credit card payment manually at this end, we log on and enter your information from our computer.

More questions?

Just ask us or give us a call at 813-920-7550

Hey, the website looks different?!

We have a new shopping cart system so you should find checking out to be easier than ever. No more passwords to remember. If you need information regarding previous orders -- you can email us, send a chat message, use the contact us form, or just give us a call!

How do I clean my Calming Collar?

You can surface clean the outer cotton with a damp cloth or paper towel. The herbs can get a bit damp but you don't want to get them soaking wet.




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