Here are comments from out customers. We have tried to list them by "issues" but many are helped in more than one area.

We'd love to hear from you. Just send us an email with your results or comments.

Thunderstorm issues, fireworks and loud noises
Patricia: I recently bought one of your calming collars. I would like to send you a big hug and kiss because I finally have my dog back!!!!!! I put the collar on her at 5:30 pm on July 4, 2013. she was acting like her old self and not showing any signs of anxiety at all. this is such a relief to me, since she is fearful of thunder storms and gunshots and fireworks etc. The loud noises on the 4th did not bother her at all. hank you so much for such a wonderful and very useful product.
Trudy: I purchased a collar from you many months ago along with a thunder shirt from someone else. Shirt was too big so I put the collar on her for the first time. Fireworks were horrible in my town ... made my house vibrate...not good when you have a bloodhound afraid of noise and people! It worked great. She was relaxed and didn't try to bolt out of her crate due to fright. It smelled great. Thank you for this wonderful product.
Vicki: I bought a Calming Collar a few weeks ago for my Boxer, who suffers from separation anxiety. It worked great for her but the reason I'm writing is because I also have a Beagle who is afraid of pretty much everything. She was a rescue and any type of loud noise scares her and sets her to trembling terribly. The smoke detector went off the other day and she was shaking so bad I thought she'd never stop. I put the collar on her and within 10 minutes she settled right down and relaxed on her bed. Today I dropped her stainless steel bowl on the wood floor and I expected her to run for the hills, but because she was wearing the collar, she never even flinched! I am so glad i bought it!
Laurie: So the thunder and lightening woke up the dogs@ 3 am. They were barking like crazy and poor Inara was trembling and panting. I put their calming collars on and they were asleep in a short time. I also stayed up with them, so had dogs all over me. I had a wicked headache, so I took some excedrin. Now I'm wide awake and they are sleeping. Maybe I should put a collar on me!PS: I have 11 long haired mini dachshunds and they each have their own calming collar!
Susan: We're having thundershowers this afternoon. Normally, my little Jack Russell friend Gabby would be bouncing all over the house as rain, wind, and thunder cause her to come unglued. Well, I put the calming collar on her a couple of hours ago when I heard the first distant rumble of thunder, and now rather than bouncing off the walls, she's sitting very quietly in my office next to my chair. When she hears thunder, she looks up and me and I give her a pet. But she's calm and collected, and is much MUCH less troubled by the storm today. And my office smells wonderful now, too. So this collar is making a HUGE difference in Miss Gabby's life. I'm so glad I found your collars on Facebook!!
Christina: Recently I purchased a Calming Collar for my Australian Shepherd, Macy. She has terrible anxiety during thunderstorms which results in excessive panting, trembling, drooling, and pacing. I've tried just about everything from the Thundershirt to Lavender oil spray. It's heartbreaking to see her so upset!! Well, we received her Calming Collar and I immediately put it on her. I wanted her to get used to the collar and the aroma. Each day that it storms she gets calmer and calmer. What a wonderful product you have and I can't thank you enough! I'll be ordering another without hesitation!!
Donna: So today we had a whopper of a storm here in Scottsdale, AZ. Cora, who usually goes and hides in the bathroom during a storm, actually sat in the window and watched! The Calming Collar actually worked! Thank You!
Shannon: Your collars are amazing! I ordered one for my mom's 9 year-old Shar-Pei, Jade, a couple weeks ago. Jade has a Thundershirt, but it just wasn't doing the trick; she was still panting, pacing, and crying. With the collar, Jade is like a different dog. The difference is so substantial, I just ordered a collar for my dog, Emma Bean, who has severe car-riding anxiety.
Meg: I have now had occasion to use the Calming Collar on my wirehaired dachshund, Vinny, and I can attest to its efficacy! We had a lot of loud thunder one day and he was panting and pacing all over the place. So, I went and got the collar and placed it around his neck. Almost immediately, he calmed down! I'm not sure what it was, maybe the scent of the herbs distracted him, I don't know, but it calmed him never-the-less! Thanks for your Calming Collar! It really does the job!!!
Chandra: Thank you so much for the collar! I will admit I was skeptical about it to begin with but was willing to try anything to help Rags, my 5yr old ShihTzu stay calm through Florida thunderstorms. The collar is great! If I forget to put it on him before a storm, it takes about a half hour for it to kick in but once it does, he seems to settle right down and usually sleeps through them. I can definitely tell when he has it on and my roommate and I tease him about being drugged when we take it off since he is so calm. He is normally a pretty relaxed dog except for during storms so we really see the effects when he has it on when he doesn't need it. Thanks so much, this collar means I am ok with leaving him during afternoon storms when I have to and when I am here he is not crawling under my every time I turn around. Will definitely be ordering a few more in the near future because I don't want to be without it!
Judy: We just ordered a calming collar for our Golden Retriever. Tucker is 100 pounds of pure Golden love until thunderstorms arrive and he becomes an absolute mess, panting, shaking, trying to find a place to hide. The first time we had a thunderstorm I reached for the calming collar and almost instantly this stressed out dog was as calm as could be within a few minutes. He didn't care one bit about the storm! We have tried every remedy known and anxiety prescriptions which never worked. Your calming collar is wonderful and I will be telling friends about these as I am a firm believer in your collars now! Thank you for helping my furkid!
Mary: We have had several storms and of course, neighborhood fireworks during the past week, and the difference in Bear's body language and anxiety is striking. We used to see panting and pacing, shoulders slumped and tail tucked in a fear position, and if the storm escalated, Bear would shake and often ran into our walk-in closet to hide. Since he has been wearing your calming collar, his whole body language has changed. He has slept through parts of storms and that wouldn't have happened in the past. Twice, when there were very loud rumbles of thunder, he stood up, looked around, and then laid back down again. Amazing! For the first time this year, fireworks weren't an issue and he stayed in the living room with us through the noise. A possible correlation is that our cat, Tigger (who is also fearful of storms and would run and hide immediately when he heard the slightest thunder), also stayed in the room with us during the past week. Interestingly, he laid near Bear's bed and we wondered if the soothing scent of the collar made him feel less anxious too. I don't think Tigger would do well wearing a collar, but the aroma of Bear's collar seems to affect him too.
Ruthanne: My beagles are terrified of thunderstorms and their reaction has gotten progressively worse each season. But this year, I tried a different strategy than the typical cooing and petting, which always seemed to exacerbate their reaction. I've been using Calming Collars along with having a designated storm bunker that's readily available for them to hunker down in, and the results have been profound. No longer do they shake, shiver, and pant profusely---rather they curl up and simply go to sleep! We had two afternoon t-storms just this week, and I promptly put on the collars, which had a definite calming effect. Plus they smell soooo good! Thanks Calming Collars!
Sharon/Rocky: The calming collar that we bought for Rocky has done wonders!! He was a stray at the SPCA when we adopted him. Along with his many health problems, he has a great fear of loud noises. Where we live, it is hunting season, and the collar has helped him cope so much, it's almost a miracle. Thank you, from Rocky!!!
Debbie: Just wanted to let you know, I purchased a calming collar last week and received it earlier this week and used it today when it started thundering and my dog got apprehensive put the collar on and she laid down and went to sleep. It really helped. Thank you so much.
Tina: Thank you, thank you, thank you! Our sweet rescue dog Abby has been suffering from anxiety since we adopted her 2 years ago, she has suffered more so the last 4 months...we have tried homeopathic pills, then we found Calming Collars...WOW!!! We recieved it this weekend and last night was a true test of a good 'ole Texas thunderstorm. Instead of a "live wire" in the bed with us, Abby was calm and just watched the lightning storm in amazement, in fact I think the lavendar in her collar helped all of us sleep like babies!Thank you so much for your talented creation, I have ordered one for our Westie who sufferes from allergies...her sisters collar seems to calm her so she doesn't scratch!! Thank you again!
Heidi: Wow, what a difference!! The calming collar has helped my noise sensitive dog, Gracie cope in ways I never thought possible! During thunderstorms/fireworks she used to run frantically around the house looking for places to hide in the bathroom, behind the computer, or in any open closet. She's injured herself and gotten caught in computer cables- I feared having her home alone during a storm. The calming collar has allowed her to actually lay down on her dog bed and ride the storm out. I am truly amazed at the difference it can make!!Thank you so much- Heidi and Gracie. 
Separation anxiety
Nancy: My GSD has separation aniety and would become extremely nervous and hyper whenever I would pick up my purse or car keys! I've the collar twice and what a difference....I put it on him 15 minutes before I go and there's no barking or extreme anxiety..What a difference Thank You from both Simon and me.
Barbara: I want to tell you how happy I am with our collar! Sophie is a new pup, her anxiety when I leave the house is so very much improved, her anxiety re: thunder and hard rains is so much better as well! She actually seems happier. I have two of the collars, one I keep in my bedroom for her and one is downstairs!!!!!
Melissa: I wanted to give a more thorough update. I'm now a true believer in this collar. My dog used to bark, howl, and whine off and on for hours throughout the day when I was gone at work (I used to tape her). I even had her on Prozac the 8 months or so after I adopted her. She now barely makes a peep. I've recorded her for the last 4 days and the most noise I heard her make was a few whines when she sees me leave. I can now give her full access to my patio when I used to have to keep her inside because of her barking and howling. She settles down much quicker when I come home. I've decided to leave it on her all of the time because of the results I've gotten with it. She is still her quirky, spunky, spazzy self, just a little calmer when I need her to be. Her quality of life has improved so much because she can go outside when I'm gone and she is not as anxious for hours and hours when I am gone. Thank you!
Tamara: I wanted to send you another THANK YOU for being so kind and sending us and our precious dog Igor 2 of your fabulous calming collars. We feel like they have really made a difference for Igor. He has not had another 'episode' and we think it is in part due to the wonderful calming effect of the collar. We used the regular strength one for when we are gone at work during the day and recently tried the extra strength one during a loud thunderstorm and for extra anxiety ridden times. The extra strength one did not make him fall asleep though, which is actually seems stronger but he was still awake and alert, but calmer. He seemed a little itchy around the neck with the collars on but he is usually a pretty itchy dog. He looks cute in them and they smell terrific. I've already given many people your website to check out so hopefully, that will send some more orders your way!
Vivian: I just purchased one of your Calm Me Down collars and it works great. Morgan has severe separation anxiety, if we crated her during the day she would work all day trying to get out of the crate to the point where she was hurting herself. If I left her loose in the house she would rip the carpet or rip the sheets off the bed. Since I have been using your collar I do not have to crate her and am weaning her off the meds from the vet, which did not seem to help that much anyway. This collar has been a life safer (for Morgan). I am so happy and pleased with the collar, thank you thank you.
Car and travel issues
Karen: Hi last Xmas, I bought the calming collar for my nervous cavalier Maggie. First, you were awesome in getting it to me on short notice. Second, I wanted to let you know that it's worked wonders!! Not just in calming her for the car but during thunder storms. She used to be crazed during storms --- scratching on closed doors, squeezing herself into any small space, she actually tried to get in the refrigerator once!! With the calming collar, she is a new dog -- she still doesn't like storms but she is so much calmer! Thank you!
Susan: This is my 'calm' dog Tige in the car on our trip from Maine to Connecticut last week. Last summer when we went he started panting and shaking halfway through the trip. This ride went smoothly! Thank you!
Glynis: I just wanted to let you know that after receiving the combo collar (Calm Me Down and Good to Go) it has changed our lives! You may recall that I had an 18 month old golden retriever who had been re-homed to me and although she had settled well in her new home she suffered from severe travel/motion sickness and seperation anxiety, so much so that we had both come to dread travelling or having to leave her for short periods occassionally, it was a real problem! You recommended a Combo collar for Lacey and now she happily jumps into the car, we have travelled several hundred miles and she has not been sick or stressed at being left. I have been so impressed I can not stop praising it and even my vet has asked for details.It only remains for me to say thank you, you have saved my sanity!
Louise: We received our calming collar for Annie, my 2 yr old Cockapoo. Our decision to try the extra strength was great! We used it over the weekend for trips in the car, and it seemed to help a little more each trip. We will have her wear it tomorrow for my long day @ work and hope that it makes her less anxious (as it did for the car riding). Thank you for your help when I called to order it. Your kindness and the great quality of the collar are both greatly appreciated.
Bubby: I think we have a winner. He did get upset when the Drs. were in his ears, but, the arrival to the vet and the wait in the waiting room, was much calmer with the Calming Collar. He actually was friendly and relaxed with the nurses. He also sat up front in the car with my husband, which has not happened since he was a pup. Because he used to scream, we have had to put him in his cage, covered up, to travel with him in the car. I am convinced, that he is doing much better. And you are more than welcome to share our comments. Your collar is definitely making our little poodle socially acceptable. I am very, very grateful.
Karmin:  I bought the calming collar to help my almost 14 yr old sheepdog mix make the return flight to the US from Germany. The trip is not until March. Lately she has been licking her paws. I read it could be anxiety or stress (not sure where that would come from). I put the calling collar on her for the first time. She almost instantly went to her bed and laid down. Will leave it on overnight and try to take it off tomorrow. Great Collar.
Barking and over-excitement
Linda: I have 2 Westies. Last week I ordered one of your collars for the one who is scared of thunderstorms. They both bark when someone is walking near our house. I was skeptical that it would work, but when it came I tried it on one then the next day the other. The one without the collar barked at everything and the one with the collar was just a calm as could be! This really works and I wanted to say thank you!
Judy: I bought 2 calming collars for each of my 2 yorkies. They are both a bit nervous, and the collars really help! I see a big difference in their behavior when they wear the collars. It also helps with excessive barking. One of my dogs is a rescue who was probably abused and the collar is really helping him to stop being defensive. Will take pics of my boys wearing their collars and post soon! Thanks Deb and calming collars!!
Fish: I am a 12 year old female collie dog, but I'm as excitable as a puppy. When something interesting turns up, I go wild with excitement and I go straight from a standing start to fifty miles an hour. Unfortunately, my bones and my muscles aren't young any more, and as a result I dislocated my leg last year, and this year I've torn a ligament which has had to be replaced with a metal plate. A few weeks ago my owner gave me a calming collar, and it has done just that - calmed me. When I first got it, I zonked off to sleep for a couple of hours. Now, it just makes me calmer so I don't go rushing off madly.
Doonya: I am a five month female old puppy and everyone loves me and makes a big fuss of me. That's probably why I tend to get over-excited when people arrive and also I get stressed when I'm left on my own (once I ate a cushion and another time I ate the corner of a rug, to try to feel better). I don't have these problems any more because when people come my mom puts my calming collar on me (the small size and just one channel) and she also puts it on me when she's going to leave me on my own for a bit. Don't know how it works, but my calming collar makes me feel less anxious, so I stop running round people and/or tearing things up. This happened the other night when there was a little party. I couldn't help it - seeing all these people I love to bits and who love me to bits - I was racing round and round and trying to jump up at the table to see the interesting things on it. Someone reminded my mom about my calming collar. She put it on me and after five minutes I didn't feel I had to race around anymore, so I just went to sit on the sofa (my sofa, that is, or it is now, anyway) and watch everyone instead. Thanks, mom!
Dorry: Just wanted you to know, we all see a noticeable change in our serial barker. As I shared with you, DJ, our 8 year old Labradoodle is an attention getting barker and it just so happens his voice expresses itself at a high decibel. I've had the collar around 2 1/2 weeks now and put it on him with a 'settle' signal I'm teaching him whenever he needs to calm down. (I leave it on as long as it feels necessary and then put it back in the plastic bag). We've noticed he quiets down in a reasonable amount of time and usually stays quiet and calm. He also is fearful of thunderstorms and lightning storms and in those instances, I've left the collar on him all night -- he never barked or howled during those storms but was always ill at ease and appears to be a little more relaxed now.I am very happy with the results we've seen from the calming collar so far and am even considering getting one for our 3 year old springer spaniel who can get very excited on walks when he sees another dog, human or squirrel.....and then he gets DJ all worked up too. I'm wondering if the collar might take the 'edge' off that reaction also.
Heidi: I have only had a chance to try it on my little barker/nervous mini doxie, Rosee. She did much better last night with the barking even though it wasn't a good night to use as a tryout. My son and I were up a lot with colds, and it just happened to be the son that she always barks at. I could see an improvement in the length of time she spent barking and she even let him sneak out of his room a couple of times without a peep. lol In all fairness, she barked at me because I must have startled her coming back into the bedroom. I love the aroma and the fabrics are so fun! I know you are going to think I'm crazy, but I'm thinking of getting a large on for myself to wear around the house on those very stressful days. I would love being surrounded by the herbal scent and the dog makes it look so comfortable and comforting.
Linda: I just wanted to let you know the collar arrived and it works! I put it on when it came then left for 3 hours. When I came home, no barking; a little whining but manageable amount. Tried it the next day and same results. But when I took it off too early before bed then let her outside she barked like crazy again! I will have to get some more for a few of our other dogs but have to pay some bills first. Thanks again.
General anxiety
Daryl: I was definitely skeptical about this product, but I stand corrected. My 3 yr old pit bull rescue was full of anxiety and stress. She was losing hair on her sides and freaking out all the time, with constant shaking. She wears the collar at night and when we are out. All her hair has grown back and I have seen a noticeable difference in her temperament . I love your product and will recommend you to all my friends. Thank you so much. Cassie is so much happier now.
Jacqueline: Just a note to leave you another success story...we had a collar for one our cats but she refused to go anywhere near us when we had it out...I passed it along to my ex husband who had a small dog that would literally pass out when she got too excited and she was pretty hyper sensitive as it is.....the dog has done a total turnaround and has become calmer and their house is now happier!! My ex couldn't believe how well it works!!!!
Kathy: Thank you again for your WONDERFUL Calming Collars. They DO work and they work VERY well. I have a small feral colony and one of those ferals actually sleeps tightly hugging his Calming Collar(I will try to snap a pic one of these days). Also have a T.N.R. feral who came to me to socialize & get adopted out. Well after working with her with a Calming Collar helping a lot she decided to adopt us! Darn Calming Collar worked too good with her! Thanks again!
Terri: My Heeler Mix, Cricket, has responded extremely well to the Calming Collar. It worked on general anxiety when we were evacuated for a fire for 11 days and it is working now in Thunder Storms. I recommend this collar.
John: Your Calming Collars are really helping our dog sparkles (a 11 pounds Shit-zu). Sparky has been battling skin allergies and she is now much more relaxed and calm. Thank you for this innovative product!
Jan: I couldn't wait another minute to write you-- we got the calming collar for Charley late this afternoon, and already within just a couple of hours, YOU HAVE WORKED A MIRACLE. Charley, our sweet, precious 4-year-old Bichon rescue, has had issues with excessive licking & chewing for years. It seems to go in cycles, but he's never without a couple of orange-brown spots on his beautiful white fur. At times, it's gotten so bad that he's opened wounds or raised huge infected welts on himself. The past 3 months have been the worst ever... he's been covered in suppurating hot spots, toes to tail. I've tried every suggestion that anyone has made-- the latest, a month ago, being a soft inflatable donut that he's been wearing around his neck 24-7. While it's stopped him from chewing because he simply can't reach anything!, The instant that the donut comes off, he starts in again. I've been absolutely beside myself trying to resolve the problem. Just within the past 3 hours since I put the calming collar on him, Charley has become a completely changed dog. He seems very mellow and relaxed, and has been focusing on chew-sticks instead of on chewing himself. He did make a couple of half-hearted attempts to lick the insides of his elbows (a favorite spot), so I put him in one of the little anti-licking tee-shirts I've made him over the years-- and that was the end of that! He's been stretched out on the cool floor for about an hour now, just relaxing and "chilling"-- totally unlike his usual frenetic & nervous behavior! SEE FULL STORY HERE
Terri: I received the collar today and it worked instantly. The Vet wanted to try her on kitty prozac. That would have been $40 a month for the rest of her life. This is all natural and works better. Thank you.
Linda: The collars came just a bit ago, and Daisy could smell them through the package. She started to lick the package and couldn't wait for me to open it. They are on both of the dogs now and peace is now back in the house. It is so amazing how quickly they work! Again, thanks so much!
Kristen: Since wearing Calming Collars my cats have actually begun grooming each other again, even if it's for a short time. they can also sit together and sit with me at the same time again, which hasn't happened in a long time. Also, Kitty P is a very big sleeper and follows my sleep schedule-Indy has other plans for himself and whenever he gets the nighttime "crazies" I put on his Calming Collar and it's back to bed. They have truly been a miracle in my home! I have been passing the info on Catster too and I know a few kitty furrriends have said they have or will order. I can't wait to hear the feedback from them too!
Jen: Thank you! Ellen Degeneres mentioned your product on her talk show and thought this would be perfect my new addition. My rescue beagle is still going through a big adjustment and this weekend he was a different dog. So much calmer and nothing fazes him now. I have 3 other dogs that I hope it would help them as well with all the neighborhood activity (lawn mowing, kids screaming and playing, fire crackers, etc.). Thanks again for making an amazing product!
Cyon: Just wanted to let you know that Deuce's collar arrived today. It looks so cute! And it might just be wishful thinking, but it seemed to take effect rather quickly. He'd only had it on for an hour or so and he laid right down in his chair and took a nap (which is rare for him to do in the middle of the afternoon...and he hadn't even been walked yet). Shortly after he fell asleep our garbage collectors came by (an event that usually gets a bark or two...if not a growl). He didn't even blink! We are going out of town this weekend so we sent the collar with him to the sitter's house. I have to admit, when I (a slightly liberal, herbal loving, part-time vegetarian) told my husband (a very down-to-earth, meat-eating country boy) that I was getting an aromatherapy collar...he was less than impressed. But even he was amazed at the changes in Deuce's activity level!! I think my husband is hooked :-)
Christine: Thanks so much Deb! My husband and I were so amazed at how calm and quiet she was this morning. We are used to her whinning and pacing, but today she laid on the floor with our other dog, Homer and waited for us to get out of bed. We could not believe we did not hear her. I will definitely send you a picture. Thanks again, I think this is our answer.
Sue: I received the Calming Collar for my St. Bernard on Tuesday and so far, so good! We are having siding and windows put in/on our house so there is a lot of pounding and strange (to the dog) people walking around. Ceasar has been 95% more calm than he ever would have been before the collar. He will look/get up and move if the pounding seems to be a little close to him but then he lays down and sleeps!!!! He is not pacing and drooling as I know he would have been b.c. (before collar). We'll see on Saturday if it helps him be calmer during training - I'll let you know!.
Oliver: My weimaraner, Olive is now a seven month old puppy. I bought a calm me down collar for her when she was 4 1/2 - 5 months old. Weimaraners are normally very hyperactive puppies. She gets 2 walks a day and is still ready to play toys when we get home at times. When she exhausts us and will not calm down, we put the calming collar on and PRESTO! within 15-20 minutes most times she is laying down for a nap! Amazing! Thank you Mendez Group!
Heat relief with Too Cool Collars
Jacki: Just wanted you to know I received the first (Too Cool) collar last week and my dog and I loved it- especially with our 90 degree weather starting up. I ordered a second collar for my older dog as she does better in the heat but these are really a wonderful product and well made. Seems to keep my boy much more comfortable. Thanks so much!
Deb N: This past summer I purchased 2 of your collars for my lab Shamus. I attached a picture, I hope you can open it. I feel we had much success with the cooling collar. He has a problem with heat exhaustion. The summers are hard on him unless he is in the lake or in a sprinkler. But when we were walking or playing around the yard, I always put it on him and he even wagged his tail when he see's I am putting it on. You made it extra wide and it stayed substantially cold for a long time. The aromatherapy collar (calming collar) was too warm for him in the summer, but he has been wearing it from the fall on, three or four times a week. I think he enjoys wearing it too. I know my other dogs seem to hang around him and sleep around him when he has it on. We have done some sharing. I know this is a long time coming, but I wanted to thank-you for a great product. I will be ordering more this summer.
Casey: Thank you! We received our package on Saturday and were pleasantly surprised to find the beautiful collars and note that you included. I can't thank you enough. It also came at the right time as this weekend was really hot. I put both the calming and cooling collars on her at different times. The cooling one stopped her from panting and it sure seems to keep her cool. The calming one, as you can see in the photo, made her at peace.