Calming Sachet Set

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For those times when you want the calming but not the collar. Set of 2 sachet pillows filled with the same herbal blends as our popular Calming Collars.

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If your dog or cat can smell the sachet, the aromatherapy will work. Toss in a cat carrier for a vet visit or travel. Place in or on a dog crate. Hang from a doorknob to help with nighttime vocalization or to help with a cat in "quarantine". Place in a pet bed or near a favorite resting spot.

If you want one for yourself, we won't tell. Keep it in a desk drawer for easy access to stress relief. Or slip in with your pillow or hang from a bed post for a better night's sleep.

Each sachet pillow is filled with just under 2 ounces of herbs (you choose the blend) and measures approximately 4 x 5 inches. Your choice of fabrics and with or without ribbon loops for hanging. Two sachets are included in your order.

Our Calm Me Down blend is a mix of lavender, chamomile and balsam. The Good To Go blend starts with those same herbs and we add spearmint, peppermint and ginger to combat motion sickness. No essential oils or fillers, just the actual dried herbs -- just like our Calming Collars.

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Calming Sachet Set